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    There are several types of foils to choose from, and each foil consists of a grip, blade and point, among other advanced parts. Although fencers can buy individual parts and construct their own weapon, it is easier for beginners to buy complete foils that are wired and have all of these parts.


    Belgian Pistol grip

    Belgian Pistol grip

    The grip is the part of the weapon you hold. There are two main types of grips. There is a Belgian Pistol Grip and a French Grip. The Belgian Pistol Grip is shaped like a pistol and designed for fencers to wrap their fingers around it, having the grip sit in their hands. The French Grip is a straight stick. It is the more traditional grip, but the pistol grip has become common among modern fencers.


    There are a variety of blades for fencers to choose from. Each one varies in its stiffness, weight and durability. Many fencers prefer different blades, so choosing which to buy is a matter of preference. For instance, The StM FIE is a stiff blade and the VNITI FIE is a more flexible blade. Through trial and error, fencers usually test friends' blades or buy different blades until they find one they like.


    The point is at the tip of the blade. It is the part that pushes in and records the score when a fencer hits his of her opponent. There are two main types of points: German and French. The German point is more precise at recording a score that hardly touches an opponent, and the French point is less likely to get damaged while fencing. Both points have advantages and disadvantages, but the German point is the more common point.

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