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    The United States Fencing Associations(USFA) is a nonprofit corporation that hosts fencing competitions and coaching sessions around the nation. Founded in 1891, it began with two fencers who wanted to break away from the Amateur Athletic Union. It grew from there and now stretches across the nation, from coast to coast.

    Membership Cost
    Competitive $60 for one year, $160 for three years
    Professional $125 for one year
    Life $1,200 or installments of $120 for 10 years


    Membership is available for all ages. USFA has competitions open to children, veterans and fencers of all ages. Membership is sold based on the fencing status. A fencer is either competitive or professional. Most fencers are competitive fencers, which are fencers who compete. Professional fencers are fencing coaches. Membership can also be bought in stages: for a year, three years or life.

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