Fencing requires a lot of equipment. It needs padding to protect fencers from bruises, gear to keep score during a competition and a blade to compete with. All of this equipment is essential to the sport, so it's important to know what fencers need to purchase before they can compete.

Picture of a fencer in her nonelectric apparel

Nonelectric apparel

Nonelectric gear mainly consists of padding used to protect fencers from their opponent's weapon. Including sneakers, jackets and masks, gear covers the entire body--starting at the feet and working up to the head....More about nonelectric apparel

Electric apparel

Electric gear is used to keep track of points in fencing competitions. In order to work, fencers have a wire running through their nonelectric gear. This wire plugs into their weapon, hooks to the metal vest their wearing and then plugs into a box connected to a scoreboard. By connecting the weapon, vest and box, the wire sends an electric current that records a point every time a weapon touches a metal vest....More about electric apparel

Picture of a fencer holding her weapon in her electric apparel


There are several types of foils to choose from, and each foil consists of a grip, blade and point, among other advanced parts. Although fencers can buy individual parts and construct their own weapon, it is easier for beginners to buy complete foils that are wired and have all of these parts.... More about weapons

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