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    Electric gear is used to keep track of points in fencing competitions. In order to work, fencers have a wire running through their nonelectric gear. This wire plugs into their weapon, hooks to the metal vest their wearing and then plugs into a box connected to a scoreboard. By connecting the weapon, vest and box, the wire sends an electric current that records a point every time a weapon touches a metal vest.

    Picture of fencer modeling a bodycord


    The wire that runs through a fencer's gear is called a bodycord. Bodycords run under the fencer's jacket and have a plug on either end. One end has two prongs that connects to the foil. The other end has three prongs that plugs into the box connected to the scoreboard. Picture of fencer modeling a bodycordThere is also another small wire on the end with three prongs. This wire has a clip that connects to the metal vest. The bodycord is run under the jacket.


    A Lame is the metal vest a fencer wears. Worn over the jacket, the lame covers the torso. It connects to the bodycord in the back.

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