Two fencers competing

What is fencing?

Fencing is a martial art that uses swords. The objective is to hit the other person without being hit, said Bruce Capin, University of Florida Head Fencing Coach.

What is foil?

Foil is one of fencing's three categories: foil, epee and sabre. Foil began as a training method used to prepare fencers for epee, but it soon became its own sport, Capin said. Of the three weapons, foil requires the most precision because it has the smallest target area, which is the area a fencer wants to hit on his or her opponent.

How does fencing benefit an athlete?

Bruce Capin, Head Fencing Coach at the University of Florida

Interview with Bruce Capin, head fencing coach at the University of Florida

According to Capin, fencing completes an athlete and makes him or her a well-rounded individual.

"It helps strengthen you physically, it makes you mentally sharper, it makes you emotionally happier and it uplifts your spirit," he said. "And I think that if you can get all of those things out of a sport, or anything for that matter, then it's a good thing that serves a very useful purpose to help the person not just be a good fencer but a better individual."

Capin began fencing as a student at the University of Pennsylvania. After college, he made fencing his career. He fenced on the national squad for 11 years, competed in World Cups and coached around the country, among other accomplishments.

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