Equipment Needed

  1. Camera with manual function capabilities
  2. Memory card
  3. Tripod
  4. Remote or self-timer
  5. Extra batteries (just in case)

Finding the "right" spot

One of the most important parts of photography is finding the right spot to take the picture. Spots I recommend for traffic time lapse would be areas that are well traveled by night. You should try to go to higher ground, such as an overpass; preferably a location where you can take pictures of both going and oncoming traffic. Intersections make for great effects. One very important thing you have to remember is that safety is most important. Stand far enough away from any oncoming traffic.

Taking traffic time lapse shots

Voila! Your picture is complete! If you want longer streaks of light from cars passing by, set the f-stop higher and shutter speed slower. Most of the time these pictures will come with trial and error. Wait for the shot to come to you, and give it a try!

End Result

Want to try a more advanced time-lapse picture? Click here.