About the Photographer

Wes' first camera Wesley Rodriguez, 20, photographer and storyteller, is pursuing a bachelor's degree in telecommunications with a specialization in production at the University of Florida. He began photographing at a very young age and hasn't dropped a camera since. George Rodriguez, father, has served as Wes' main inspiration, because his father was a professional nature photographer back in the days of film and slides. Wes has traveled around the United States and Spain and specializes in landscape, abstract and time-lapse photography.

At 4 years old, Wes was given his first camera, a Fisher-Price Perfect Shot camera using 110 film format with a binocular-style viewfinder. Once exploring the endless possibilities, he saw that a passion was arising from it. Wes' parents were extremely surprised at the pictures he took, for at the age of 4 he already had the "photographic eye."

Periodically, the Rodriguez family would take family vacations to North Carolina, Colorado and Utah. Out west, Wes always enjoyed breathing in the mountain air and having his camera at his disposal to take pictures of the scenery around him.

In 2008, Wes traveled to Spain and found a strong interest in time-lapse photography. He photographed cars and their light trails in front of Barcelona's congressional center. Since then, he has experimented with many different forms of time-lapse photography including star and light trails.

Many of this recent works can be seen on his slideshow.