A split-personality costume can take many forms! Consider the following ways to make yours unique:

In a Hurry: If you are pressed for time, consider only using different shirts, and wear a neutral pair of jeans or pants that can work with both themes.

For Guys: Make good use of contrasts with your clothing, especially with color choices. If you don't use makeup for a facial contrast, focus heavily on styling your hair differently to keep the effect around your face.

Without Sewing: If you don't sew, consider using duct tape! It isn't the most comfortable way to make a seam on clothing you will be wearing, but it's not clothing you wear every day. Just make sure to test the tape carefully; sometimes it does not adhere to certain fabrics, and it won't be very strong for pants. No one likes wardrobe malfunctions!

"Twins": Consider using two sets of the same contrasting clothing to make costumes for two people! Use opposite sides for effect- for example, on person has theme A on the right and theme B on the left; the other person has theme A on the left, and theme B on the right.

Miscellaneous: Other theme ideas to think about:

- Male / Female

- Geek / Jock

- Old / Young

- City chic / Hillbilly