Step Four- Accessorize:


I chose a variety of accessories to accent the contrast. I wore a pair of stockings on only one side by cutting just the leg off and leaving the waistband, which couldn't be seen under the skirt. I used the cut-off leg of the stocking to create an impromptu fingerless glove and painted the "gothic side" fingernails black.

I used two different kinds of shoes: tan mary-janes for the "regular" side and black boots for the "gothic side."


The biggest part of accessorizing for this costume is hair and makeup. I split my hair down the middle and straightened the "gothic" side while leaving the "normal" side in a braid. I used two different colors for makeup foundation, which split my face in half.

The following video is a sped-up version of my hair and makeup routine for my split-personality costume. I hope it inspires you to create your own!

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