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The easiest part about planning a trip is figuring out where you want to go. However, it takes more effort than that to plan a trip.

The Jet-lagger wouldn't have visited great places and had adventure without help from a few resources. Below you will find some great resources and links to making your trip a success.

Cartagena: weeklong trip

  • $230 (includes: roundtrip flight, transporation to and from the airport, food and lodging)
  • Cheap tickets from Spirit Airlines (the cost of the tickets are included in the $210).
  • A water bottle filled with your own water after security check at the airport
  • A backpack (don't check in a bag if you are visiting for less than a week) filled with clothes, swimsuit and toiletries.
  • Waterproof camera or na SLR camera in a waterproof case

Nantahala Falls: weekend getaway

  • $110 (if going with a friend or more, this amount includes: gas money if traveling from Florida, campground fee, food and kayak or raft rental)
  • A tent and a daypack or backpack filled with: a change of clothes, water bottle, snacks, swimsuit, lighter, pocket knife and sleeping bag
  • Visit Turkey Creek's website to make reservations.

Paynes Prairie: one day excursion

  • $3 (includes: half of the fee for a vehicle to enter the park)
  • The website gives directions to the prairie.

Must-haves for all trips

  • Identification: A license, student I.D. and passport. Even if you are traveling within the U.S., carry your passport or a copy of your license and birth certificate. You don't want to run into a sticky situation.
  • Snacks: Bringing food is the cheapest and safest way to travel. If you are on a strict budget, bring snacks. If you have a sensitive stomach or have particular eating habits, bring your own snacks to avoid not finding anything to eat.
  • A map or GPS: If you don't want to get lost or still don't know your way around, bring your own GPS. There are free maps for every city and state at gas stations and newspaper stands.

Meet the Jet-lagger

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Jessi Rios is a public relations junior at the University of Florida. When she isn't changing the face of education and motivating teens, Jessi is traveling and baking with her roommmates and adventure enthusiasts.

After graduation, Jessi hopes to stay in Florida to work or go to law school. She hopes to visit all Florida state park by July 2011 and U.S. national parks by August 2012.

Jessi enjoys sharing her travel diary and experiences with the world to learn and grow from.

The next trip planned

Jessi is planning a trip to NYC in December. Besides looking for great places to shop and eat, she will be doing intense sight-seeing. Check back in January to hear how her trip went.

Have a trip in mind?

If you would like the Jet-lagger to take a trip before you make plans, shoot her an e-mail.

Need help packing?

Visit this website. It has nifty tips and tools for packing lightly.