When the Jet-lagger went to Cartagena, she spent $157 for flights roundtrip, $7 for two days at a hostel, $25 for transporation to and from the airport and $15 for food over the span of three days. A trip to Cartagena should not cost you anymore than $210 if you spend wisely. The same can be said for any adventure you take.

In the area below, the Jet-lagger has a handful of tips that you should consider before going on any trip. These tips will make your next adventure easy and painless, and will help you to absorb the most out of the experience.

Tricks of the trade

  • Pack lightly: A backpack full of clothes and toiletries is enough to take you on any adventure for atleast a week. Carry your camera around your neck instead of packing it into your backpack; you will save room this way.
  • Bring enough money to cover expenses and an emergency: Don't bring wads of money; this will only influence a bad shopping habit and you having to check in a bag at the airport for an extra fee. Bring your credit card for emergencies, but refuse to use it for shopping.
  • Keep a journal: You never know if you will visit again; keep track of places you visited and enjoyed so that you can recommend the locations to others, or make a pit-stop when you return.
  • Make friends with the locals: The locals often know the best places to eat and shop; you may even be invited over for dinner or to stay the night for little to no cost.
  • Relax: Enjoy the experience and absorb yourself in the culture; don't fret over small things.

Meet the Jet-lagger

photo of author

Jessi Rios is a public relations junior at the University of Florida. When she isn't changing the face of education and motivating teens, Jessi is traveling and baking with her roommmates and adventure enthusiasts.

After graduation, Jessi hopes to stay in Florida to work or go to law school. She hopes to visit all Florida state park by July 2011 and U.S. national parks by August 2012.

Jessi enjoys sharing her travel diary and experiences with the world to learn and grow from.

The next trip planned

Jessi is planning a trip to NYC in December. Besides looking for great places to shop and eat, she will be doing intense sight-seeing. Check back in January to hear how her trip went.

Have a trip in mind?

If you would like the Jet-lagger to take a trip before you make plans, shoot her an e-mail.