fantasy football draft partyWhy Play???

About six years ago I kept hearing guys on ESPN pop up and spout something about fantasy football. I thought, "That could be cool but I have no idea how it works. I'll pass." But fantasy football was like a bad case of the hiccups: it just wouldn't go away. Sites I frequented like and had special sections to discuss fantasy football. My friends even brought it up in conversation every now and then. Back then, I had just recently been introduced to professional football and had gone crazy with it. I absorbed knowledge like a sponge and soon knew more stats than my own father. I finally decided that just watching football wasn't enough. I had to have more. I logged on and joined a random league.

Fantasy football means everything to a competitive person. Fantasy football is a few beers with your buds. It's talking smack with you closest friends and family, and sometimes even your boss at work. It's clearing your Sundays and settling in to that same sagging spot on the couch to scream at guys you will never meet. It's about winning money and prizes, or even just pride. The fantasy draft can be the most fun part. The best way, in my opinion, is to hold a live draft where every team owner gathers together at a specific time and date to choose players. Fantasy has blossomed so much that countless sports bars like Hooters now host draft parties where beer and food is served and leagues can draft in a private room.

fantasy draft boardAside from cracking jokes about your buddy's team, there are countless other reasons to play. Places like Las Vegas hold huge leagues where entry fees and prizes are thousands of dollars. For the smaller scale gamblers, friendly $15 or $20 leagues can be played with your friends or online. ESPN offers prize leagues where the league winner can win a prize and be in the running for a huge grand prize. Besides that, it's just about sharing a passion for sports with your neighbors and meeting new people in a lot of cases. For the guys out there, it may be a way to find your dream girl that will chat sports with you, as nearly 7 million people that play fantasy football are now women.