The beauty of fantasy football is that every sports fan thinks they are an expert. Anyone confident enough to put their knowledge on the table and compete for money or bragging rights has to think they know who the best players in the NFL are. In reality, fate can jump up and bite you at any time throughout the season and take down your star-studded diva. But there is a lot of strategy to the madness. By all means, I am not an expert, but I have won a fantasy championship. Here is some advice to being a great fantasy team owner.

---Don't ignore your draft position. If there's a guy you really want, don't keep thinking he will be there in the next round. This is especially important in snake style drafts. Count how many spots you still have to wait and make a decision, but don't reach for a player either. You might end up taking a player a few rounds before he would've normally went and missing out on good players.

---Pay attention to offseason movement. Let's face it. A guy leaving the Steelers or Colts is not going to have as good production with the Lions. Also, a teammate leaving or arriving can affect others around him in gigantic ways. Pay attention to injuries and the constant shuffle of players in the NFL.

---Pay attention to bye weeks. If you draft a team that has a bunch of players off during the same week, you're going to have to do some scrambling whatever week that is. Spacing out your bye weeks will enable you to plug in one of your backups on a week your stars doesn't play and you won't have to drop anyone.

---Have fun. If your season starts out poorly, don't give up. Quick and dramatic turnarounds do and will happen. Talk some trash with your opponents and keep the game competitive. Make side bets on a case of beer or whatever it takes to keep interest and the mood fun.