Fantasy Football has become the favorite hobby of your crazed neighbor you can see chucking his bowl of pretzel sticks through your window. But it's not just him that has his panties in a bunch over that "pansy" that hobbles feebly off the field with a sore ankle after being breathed on too hard by a defender. No. Fantasy football is here to stay. It now grips the nation with a tighter grip than a head coach on the Lombardi Trophy in February. Fantasy football has taken on a mind of its own, but plenty of people still haven't managed to grab hold of the outstretched hands of their friend on the back of the bandwagon. Some don't care to. But in either case, there is no ignoring the hobby that has made its way into millions of homes, bars and watercoolers around the nation. And that's worth talking about. So I'm here to help those curious enough to click a few times get it on the fun. Enjoy.

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