Finding parking close to the Constans Theater might be a little tricky at night with many activities taking place at the Reitz Union.

Try taking the RTS bus, which stops right in front of the theater, or park in a different lot a little farther away. Parking is lifted on campus after 4:30 p.m.

Constans Theater

Located at the heart of campus, next to the Reitz Union, is the Nadine Maguire Pavillion, a performing arts venue home to the Constans Theater. The Constans Theater is home to the productions of the UF School of Theater and Dance. Here, you can see high quality stage productions put on by fellow UF students.


Each season the shows are different and feature many genres including classic operas, contemporary musicals and modern straight plays. While each show is a large undertaking, almost every aspect of the production, from the costuming to the performing to the orchestra, is completed by talented students.

Having a student ID comes in handy once again, as the Constans gives a $4 discount off of their $17 tickets to students. For more information about upcoming productions and to buy tickets, visit the University Box Office website.