Facebook and are two ways to stay in the know about what shows are coming up. Be sure you check both fairly often so you don't miss something great.

Local Venues

There are tons of local bars, clubs and music venues for live shows to take place across town. Many of these are in the downtown area, with some of the most notable being Common Grounds and the Atlantic for local shows, and the Venue and Common Grounds for larger tours stopping through town.

Because many of the concerts that take place around town are local musicians, the cost for these shows is pretty reasonable with most being under $10. Routinely, certain bands like the Shitty Beatles, a Beatles cover band, will sell out their shows at Common Grounds so getting tickets in advance is a must. Though there aren't any student-specific discounts, you're admission is cheaper if you are 21 or older.

For the bigger concerts coming through town,ticket prices can vary quite a bit. However, you can still save money by buying the ticket locally, usually at Hear Again CDs and DVDs downtown or High Tides Tobacco and Gifts, because there are no service fee charges.