RUB Entertainment's shows are free and open to the general public, so bring your friends that may be visiting from out of town.

Music on Campus

Several organizations on campus strive to bring the students the best concerts around featuring local and national artists from many different genres.

RUB Entertainment brings completely free concerts to the student union. Every month, as a part of its Local Brew series, the RUB Entertainment Bands committee brings local and regional acts to the Orange and Brew for shows. Through Local Brews, students can become acquainted with many of the bands around town without spending a dime.

The Orange and Brew

RUB also brings national acts to campus like Minus the Bear and the Walkmen free for you listening pleasure. These shows are held in the union and tend to fil to capacity, so make sure you get arrive early for any big shows you are hoping to see.

Student Governent Productions also brings concerts to campus from big-named artists like Carrie Underwood and Common. It depends on the show whether admission will be free or discounted for students, so make sure to check that out before hand.

Check out RUB Entertainment's website and SGP's website to keep up to date on what concerts are coming to campus.