Food and drinks are much more expensive at the movie theater.

Eat before you go or try to sneak in snacks so you don't end up splurging on $10 popcorn.

Regal Cinemas

At $8 to $12 a ticket, going out to the movies is no cheap date. But just because you are watching your spending doesn't mean you have to give up seeing the latest movies.

Being a student really has its perks when it comes to getting discounts. Regal Cinemas offers cheaper movie tickets to students with a valid ID, so make sure to bring your Gator1 with you where ever you go. The company also offers a rewards program called the Regal Crown Club that is free to join and offers incentives like free movie tickets and discounted snacks.

Another way to make movie-going a little more budget friendly is to see films during the matinee showings. The afternoon time slots offer cheaper tickets and usually less full theaters. Buying tickets ahead of time online at sites like Fandango ensures that you won't miss out.