Traditionally, flans are the dessert of choice for practically all celebrations in a Hispanic household. From Thanksgiving(take a look at the Pumpkin flan) to birthdays or just a family barbeque, a flan is a neccesity. These recipes have been in my family for years, and have been tweaked over time to make flans with the most flavor and the best consistency. I hope you enjoy making these flans and sharing them with family and friends. It's a nice change from a typical pie or cake!
Before you start cooking, let's make sure you have the proper equipment and make sure you start making a flan with plenty of time. It can take up to five hours to cool it to the best temperature to eat.
Also, before you start please take a look at the video on how to make the caramel for the flans. It can be tricky but the video explains exactly what to look for and how to get it just right.