Decorating the CD


  • Sharpies will seriously become your best friend when decorating your new mix. They come in tons of colors, they're permanent and they aren't very messy. Sharpies and other permanent markers provide you with a fine point tip for writing but are wide enough to color. However, plan your idea out before you start drawing. Sharpies are permanent, so once you make a mistake, you'll have to start all over.

    Valentine's Mix

  • One of the easiest ways to decide how to decorate your newly-burned mix CD is by considering upcoming holidays and special occasions. This CD is an example of a cute idea for a Valentine's Day CD. I decorated a Valentine's Day CD for my boyfriend a couple of years ago and instead of writing cheesy messages on the hearts, I wrote the track names and artists. Of course, you can always personalize the hearts with messages of your own or simply leave them blank.

    Simply Designed CD

  • Sometimes artwork isn't necessary when decorating your CD. It's always convenient to have the track listing printed on the CD so that there's no need for a case or insert. Do make sure your handwriting is readable, though. The recipient of your CD should have to decode your writing to know what is playing.

    Messy Mix

  • When making a mix that is particularly sentimental or reminiscent, don't overdo it with the decorations. The artwork doesn't have to be extravagent in order to look nice.

    I Love U Mix

  • Few words can mean the most.

    Sharpie Slow Jams Mix

  • One of the best things about creating your own mix CD is that every single part of it is yours. Even if the CD is for another person, the artwork is your creation, nobody can judge you for it!

    Painted Love Mix

  • If you don't have faith in your own artistic abilities, technology can provide some help. There While Sharpies are the easiest and most common way of decorating CDs, feel free to step outside the box a bit. This is a CD that my boyfriend made for me and instead of using marker, he used paint! The important things here are to make sure that none of the paint gets on the readable side of the CD as well as making sure the paint isn't too thick; if the paint is too heavy, the CD won't fit into the CD drive on a computer or other music player. This is a cute and unexpected way to decorate.

    Another Valentine's Mix

  • If you don't have faith in your own artistic abilities, technology can provide some help. There are many programs that can be downloaded online that allow you to decorate and print out a CD label that fits perfectly on top of the CD. This is also a smart option when you have bad handwriting or if you want to have very small lettering.