Adding Fun Bonuses

Although a lot of time, hardwork, dedication and careful thought go into the making of a mix, it shouldn't be turned into a job. There are so many special additions that can be included in the CD that make it that much more unique and creative.

  • Microphone

  • One of the most personal and unique touches that can be added to a mix CD is a personal message. Many computers now come complete with a built-in microphone and cheap microphones can be bought and connected as well. Simply recording a short message, be it a happy birthday wish, a romantic sentiment, an introduction to the CD or a brief greeting, it makes the CD very personal and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient. It shows that the CD was made specially for them and can't be replicated for someone else.

  • Napoleon Dynamite

  • Another fun idea when making a CD is to include audio clips from movies or comedy acts. It's always a pleasant surprise and can also add another unique feature to the CD. Audio editing software such as Audacity allow you to cut up audio files to fit your liking and can be added onto a CD just as easily as a song. Movies such as Napoleon Dynamite or Wedding Crashers have tons of funny and recognizable lines that will surely bring a smile to the listener's face. This also allows you another opportunity to acknowledge a shared interest or experience with the person getting the CD.