So you want to learn how to fly? Maybe your not so sure. This website will provide information and resources to help aspiring pilots or curious Gainesville residents.

Here are 10 benefits of becoming a pilot:

  1. Flying can open your eyes to a new and beautiful perspective of the world you see each day.
  2. You can push yourself to learn something challenging.
  3. Your friends, co-workers or family will be impressed with your skill.
  4. Traveling times can decrease by flying yourself.
  5. Sometimes flying in general aviation can save money.
  6. It can introduce you to a whole new group of people to network with.
  7. Everyone needs something to spunk up their resume these days.
  8. It is an exciting and fun hobby that is constantly changing.
  9. Getting a private pilot's license can lead to a career in aviation.
  10. You can become more of a well-rounded, educated person.

Please use the navigation on the left to continue browsing and learning about ways to begin your journey as a pilot here in Florida. Each page has different details that can be helpful as you plan your course to earn a private pilot's license.


Callie L. Polk