Model at Gainesville Fashion Week Model at Gainesville Fashion Week

My name is Danielle Peterson, and I am a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida. I designed this website for my communications on the Internet class.

The concept was simple, we were supposed to design a "how to" website. However, the execution was a little more difficult. I put a lot of hours into this project, so I hope you enjoy it and find it informative. It's a constant work in progress so feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or suggestions (you can find my e-mail at the bottom of the page).

When I first came to Gainesville, I wanted to get involved in the local art and fashion scene, but I wasn't really sure where to go or what to do. I have a feeling I wasn't alone.

This website is not only for newcomers to the Gainesville area, but for veterans in the fashion scene. If you are looking to find a one-stop place to bulk up on your local fashion knowledge then you've come to the right place.

Here's what you can find on this website:

  1. A guide to local shops and what they specialize in.
  2. A look into UF student Christy Harry's closet where she talks about her favorite trends and what she thinks are essentials for every girl's wardrobe.
  3. A calendar of fashion and art events in the Gainesville area.
  4. A list of fashion-related clubs at UF and links to street style websites on and around campus so you can see what trends and styles are in this season in Gainesville.