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It's not small! It's fun-sized!

It is still not known where the name of cupcakes originated, but there have been many possible explanations as to where it could've come from. Some say the name came from the fact that the ingredients used to be measured in cups. Others say that the name came from the fact that they were baked in cups at one time.

Until the 1900s, molding pans for cupcakes were a myth. This meant bakers had to actually use a molding cup to cut out their shape and bake them. The upside of cupcakes was that they took a lot less time to bake than cakes because of their size and hearth ovens were used to bake at the time.

Now-a-days, cupcakes are mass-produced. There are small bakeries that specialize in just making cupcakes and supermarkets have a variety of cupcake types in the bakery. The thing that makes them such a popular treat is the fact that it comes in a small size and can be eaten just about anywhere.

Cupcakes come in many different flavors and can be decorated in just about any way possible. It can have plain frosting (for the less experienced baker) or with an elaborate detail such as the faces of Garfield characters.

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