Yummy! Desserts

Desserts have been around since ancient times!

For as long as there has been a craving for sweets, there has been a dessert to satisfy it. People from all over the world have always enjoyed having something sweet after dinner or for a snack. The ancient times were no different! Ancient civilizations used to enjoy the occasional fruit or nuts rolled in honey after a meal. Granted, as technology changed, so did the way desserts were made.

Until the mass production of sugar, only the upper class was able to enjoy eating desserts because of the high prices of sugar while the lower classes could only enjoy desserts on special occasions. When it became mass produced, the prices dropped, making it affordable to both classes. It is thought that desserts were first used to take away the taste after a meal, in order to leave a sweet taste in the mouth. The name dessert came from the French word "desservir" that means "to clear the table."