Different Types of 1-Player Modes

Subspace Emissary

Subspace Emissay is Nintendo's first attempt at creating a fluid plot in the Super Smash Brothers franchise. This mode consists of playing as ALL the characters for at least some segment of the story. The story is an attempt to merge all of these different characters into a woven story of bad guys teaming up against good guys. Throughout the story everyone learns to trust each other, and new villains are revealed that even cause the good guys to team up with the bad guys.

Subspace Emissary plays a little differently than the normal multiplayer. While attacking and all the controls are the same, this mode of play is a side-scrolling adventure. This means that the stage moves along with your character, so it is an expansive map meant to inspire adventure. This mode will take several hours, likely even several days, to complete and is not the best mode to play in to practice attacks.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode highlight the backbone of what established this series as a multi-million dollar franchise. In this mode, a player chooses a single character to go through a series of fights, culminating in a battle with the game's primary antagonist, Master Hand. Players are awarded points based on how well they do, their style of combat, and the time they take to defeat an opponent. If a player loses all of their lives, they may revive themselves by giving up half of their total points. This is the best method to play if you are looking for a way to practice the essentials of the game. Classic Mode changes the characters you face depending on who you choose, seeking to provide challenges and complements to chosen characters.

Event Matches

Event matches are unique in the game in that they may not always be played with the objective of defeating an opponent. In Event matches, a player is given a specific objective to achieve (such as destroying all items in a round or protecting an ally for a given amount of time) or told to win battles with specific characters. Each event has a different theme in mind. For example, matches like to exploit popular game rivalries, so one event requires you to play as Ganondorf and defeat Link, Zelda and Sheik at the same time. It's a fun way to pass time between serious battles. By completing different matches, players unlock music, extra characters and extra stages to be used in multiplayer modes.