Fun Extras

Special Brawls

One returning feature is the inclusion of Special Brawl, which is essentially a normal multiplayer match with different quirks. Players can choose settings to make characters invisible or metal, small or giant, super fast or super slow, etc. The possibilities are endless when one considers all the different combinations of different modes to try. These goofy match modes are only available in multiplayer matches.


At the risk of sounding ironic, Super Smash Brothers Brawl has many games inside the overall game. These three games are 'Shoot the Target', 'Platform Landing', and 'Homerun Contest'.

In Shoot the Target, each character has a unique level meant to challenge their specific move-sets by presenting breakable targets the player must destroy under a time limit.

Platform Landing again introduces unique stages to each character, and is essentially a game where players use their character's strengths to jump across a map without falling.

Homerun contest is a one-hit test to challenge players to come up with button combinations to send a bag of sand flying. All characters start at the same platform with a bag of sand and have 10 seconds to deal as much damage to and knock off the bag of sand as far as they can.

All of these games are played for the sake of personal records and fun challenges to hone a player's use of movesets by character.


Trophies are one of the most fun aspects of Super Smash Brothers. Trophies are randomly collected throughout the various one-player modes, as multiplayer items, and as unlockables for completing specific events. Though they do not affect gameplay in any way, they are fun to collect, much along the lines of trading cards in real life. Avid players of the game will spend hours trying to find the rarest trophies to add to their collection, which can be cinematically viewed under the Trophy Room in the Extras menu.