Major Differences From Previous Games


There are many characters that have been dropped and added since the previous installment in the franchise, Super Smash Brothers Melee. Characters that are no longer available include:

However, many new characters were added to the roster. These characters include:

For a look at the full character roster, please visit the following site:
Character Roster


While all of the items in previous games have returned, there are a number of new and unfamiliar items to players. These items include the introduction of food to restore players' health, a rocket launcher to deal heavy damage, a reflector to reflect projectile attacks, an item that heals teammates, a soccer ball that can be charged to kill people in one-hit, and the Dragoon. The Dragoon is unique in that it can only be used if a player picks up the three separate pieces (shown below) which automatically summon it. You then point to an enemy on the screen and press the A button. If it hits anyone it is automatically a one-hit kill.

Final Smash

The biggest addition to Super Smash Brothers Brawl is the introduction of the Final Smash. Many fighting games feature one unique, heavy-hitting, ultimate attack for each character. This is the Super Smash Brothers equivalent of that attack. A glowing smash ball (as shown here) will randomly appear on the screen, and whichever character hits said ball enough times to break it open starts to glow. This means they have the potential to use their "Final Smash." Final Smash is activated by pressing B, and it is a unique attack for each character. While most are used as finishing moves in matches, some (like Princess Peach's) allow you to paralyze others and heal yourself for a few seconds. They can really turn the tide of a battle in one move.


The final most noticable change between the games is that Brawl has the most unique number of maps compared to its predecessors. The developers made sure to add atleast one map from each character's game, which in the end leads to 41 stages from 35 characters (1 per character and 6 special game-specific stages). There is also a new stage-building function, in which players may create their own stages with pre-designed obstacles and platforms, and then they can access these stages in multiplayer mode to test them out with their friends. The stage development of thise game is unprecedented and phenomenal considering its 2008 release.