The Meal

Appetizers are done and it's time for salads. If it's up to the waiter to bring you your salad, inform them up front if you like just two pieces of lettuce with your bowl of dressing instead of sending them back six times for more. And please, for the sake of all the waiters who have ever had to recite an entire list of dressings, just ask if they have your favorite, or order the ranch like everyone else. And do not hesitate to ask for more bread. I'm a waiter, not a mind reader, and I'm not going to just refill the basket if you're not going to eat it. If you need more, open your mouth instead of just sitting there passive aggressively. The same goes with drinks. There are many people who are fine with just one or two glasses, while there are others who seem to have continent-sized bladders. Don't just sit there with an empty glass, say something. Odds are that every employee there is capable of filling your glass. Ask for two if it helps. Just don't get upset if you can't quench the desert that is your mouth within two seconds of your glass hitting the table and the waiter gets a little snippy by the time they've brought your 15th glass.

Meal Part 2