After the Meal: Dessert

And now it's all over and you're ready to leave. Your waiter may drop the check off automatically or you may just have to stop them and ask. If they're busy it may have just slipped by in the hustle and bustle. It's likely that they'll drop back by within a minute or two, so if you've asked for it then have it ready to go. Once you're all paid up and have remembered your boxes of leftovers you find yourself at the other end of the dining experience. Remember back at the beginning when I said that people generally have to wait to be seated longer because customers that are done eating refuse to leave? This is your moment to make someone else's dining experience start off right by making way for another table.

Congratulations! You've successfully ended up with a great dining experience based on the idea of treating your waiter like they are a human being and not a slave. Remember, it's not hard to do and these pages of advice are nothing more than a drawn out way of telling you that you should treat your waiter like you would want them to treat you.

Dessert Part 1