Advice and a Movie

Server of five years, Brett Campbell, says that to receive great service from him one should "just be nice. I'm a nice guy so I expect other people to be nice. Most of the time I'm disappointed, but when my guests are pleasant so am I."

Server of eleven years, Donald Simpson, says, "I've seen them all. The people that get the best service from me are the people that act like they want to be there instead of walking in mad already. Most of the little stuff doesn"t bother me anymore, but sometimes it gets old."

Server of 12 years, Tracy Lowe, says, "When people are jerks I'm a jerk right back. I'm not always the happiest person, but as long as you're not an idiot you're going to be waited on pretty well."

Server of one year, Ana Moore, says, "I'm still kind of getting used to it all, but nobody likes to be around someone that's grouchy. Cheer up!"

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