Hi, my name is Bradley Osburn and I have been waiting tables for five years. In that time I've just about seen it all, from the best, most courteous customers, to the worst, most horrid people to walk in right off the street. Receiving great service at a restaurant isn't rocket science, like the majority of customers make it out to be. It's simply a matter of using your brain and following that old golden rule. You know, the one about treating others the way you wish to be treated. But for the sake of this website I'll break it down for everyone into easily digestible pieces. The site follows the order of a typical restaurant visit, starting with the initial urge to go out and ending with the departure, the appetizer to the desert. And remember, these are just observations from years of experience, not every waiter is the same, but I can almost guarantee that if you just treat your waiter like a server, instead of a servant, that you'll do just fine. Let's dive right in!