Underwater hockey is a coed, noncontact sport played on the bottom of a pool using fins, a mask and snorkel, and a foot-long stick.

The game begins with the call, "Sticks up... Go!" And from then on, it looks like a feeding frenzy on the pool floor.

It is a one-of-a-kind sport that is truly one of the most interesting extracurricular activities the University of Florida has to offer.

There are more than 300 teams worldwide in 35 different countries, and the sport is constantly growing. There are college teams, city teams, even children's teams!

The UF underwater hockey club was founded in 2004. UF won the 2010 National Championship this summer. It is a growing club that is always welcoming new players. The club provides all equipment needed to play -- interested players only need to bring their Gator1 ID cards and a bathing suit.