The players of GHvZ after the first final mission.

The Humans vs. Zombies game at the University of Florida was started by PoliSci student Jesse Schmitt his freshman year, in the Spring of 2010. Schmitt had been looking for the game and, finding out there was none, applied to the college to make it an official club. Professor Michael Moulton agreed to be the faculty advisor, and with that, the game was born.

However, Jesse could not do it alone. He created a facebook group, titled Gators Humans vs. Zombies, after the name of the club, to gauge interest. He found that many students were really interested in the idea, and two offered to be moderators, or referees, of the game. Their names were Kathryn Milstein, a first year Journalism major, and Steve Fitz, a graduated Business major applying to law school.

With that, the first game was planned out and hosted by the official UF club Gators Humans vs. Zombies. Expecting 70 students, the three moderators were stunned when over 400 students registered and played the first game. They decided to host a second game that spring which had about 1200 players.

Since then, there have been two more games, one in the Summer of 2010 that had about 300 players, and one in the fall of 2010 with 900 players.