A correctly modded gun No realistic weaponry. Bright colors are good. Any modded gun or sock must be approved by a moderator.

Do not conceal weapons in a way that may seem threatening.

Anyone inside a building should put their weapon[s] into a bag or backpack, our of visible sight.

If a player is in a vehicle, they are considered a temporary non-player. Vehicles include, but are not limited to: cars, trucks, buses, skateboards, bikes, rollerblades, airplanes, ships, scooters, jetpacks and horses.

If a bus is approaching a bus stop and a human is trying to get on, they are in a temporary safe zone. This also applies to getting off the bus.

Do not climb trees.

Physical violence is prohibited. This includes kicking, punching, tackling, etc.

No melee weapons or shields for either side. Moderators will issue any permitted melee weapons at their descretion depending on storyline.