Your web presence

With all that the Internet has brought, people still seem to have a hard time networking themselves over the Internet. There are several ways to network yourself on the Internet. All these ways create a network with your clients and can privide you with more business, if used properly.

Social Networking

Social networking is the best way to network yourself online, aside from having a website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are great for growing an online (and in-store) following. Create a homepage for your business on one of these sites, and "friend" people you know or that have stores close to you and watch your followers grow. Make sure to put up-to-date news and sales and products for your clients to feel like they're getting something in return for following you.


Websites are the best way to network your business online. You can seel your products or services, tell people up-to-date news about you and your business.


There are many websites now that are great for advertising your business on. is a site where you can go to your community's page and advertise for free. If you're not comfortable with this, contact your local newspaper to advertise on their website. More people read their news online these days, so don't just advertise in the print newspaper. You will be missing an entire reader base.