Making a Business Plan

A business plan is the first step in starting any business. You want to plan out several aspects of your new business here. Add things like: what will your business be, who is your market audience how will you offer your product or service, where do you wnat to be in a year and in 5 years, and how will you do that?

Make sure your goals and how you will obtain them are reasonable. Don't expect your first-year goal to be making a million dollars profit. Set obtainable goals, and feel free to revise your plan as you go along.

Maybe you found out that the group of people you thought were your audience are not as interested in you as a different group of people you didn't expect. Change your business plan and rethink any marketing strategies and goals to better draw in your new audience. Don't be afraid to try new things or revise your plan.

Example: Short List Business Plan

Business: Freelance Writing

Market audience: Small Business Owners

How will I do it?: Query regular and small business magazines and websites.

How much should I charge per hour: Min. $50, Max. Unlimted

First year goal: Have at least 12 articles published. Make at least $10,000.

Second year goal: Have at least 18 articles published. Make at least $15,000.


What will I work per week: 5 days/ week. 7 hours/ day.

For Extra help, visit the Examples page for links and videos.