How to Adopt

There are many different ways to adopt a dog, but the most common is through the Humane Society or other animal rescue organizations. Many of these animal rescue organizations work with pet stores on certain days of the week to display the dogs that are available for adoption.

The easiest way to find the right dog for you is to go to, a Web site that assists in finding the right dog in your area. On the Web site you can type in your zip code, preferred breed, age, gender and size, and the site generates a list of dogs in your area that fit your criteria and are available. will display all dogs obtainable from the local Humane Society, animal rescue organizations and other animal shelters.

Another option is to visit your county, or a nearby county's Humane Society (click here for to find the closest location). At each Humane Society shelter there are dogs in cages waiting to be adopted. When you see a handful of dogs you are interested in, you fill out a form and list each dog's name that you like. Within a few minutes you are taken to a room where you can play with each dog for about ten minutes. If you fall in love with one of the dogs you played with, then you fill out some more paperwork and wait for a call letting you know you got the dog!