So you want to start kayaking...

You've come to the right place. Welcome to Central Florida Kayaking.

Central Florida Kayaking is your humble home for all things kayaking in Gainesville, Fl, and the surrounding areas. We have worked hard to present you with all the basics for those new to kayaking and those kayakers new to Gainesville. This site is not a kayaking encyclopedia, though. If you want more information on any topic, or want to buy one of the cool 'yaks that we mention, check the links in the right-hand column. They are all businesses, organizations or websites that we recommend.

Kayaking around Central Florida If you are looking for somewhere to go kayaking, check the destinations page. We have tried to offer a variety of kayaking locations - sea, rivers, springs and a little bit of white water. Most importantly, take time to read and understand safety procedures. A kayak is a boat, after all, and while you aren't traveling at high rates of speed, accidents can happen.

If you are in the Central Florida region, consider yourself lucky. This area is home to some of the best, most scenic kayaking destinations in the country. From the crystal clear water of Ichetucknee Springs to the miles of mangrove tunnels down on Weedon Island, there really are endless adventures. These places offer more than just casual paddling too - they are great trips for campers, aspiring photographers and fishermen.

Our goal here at Central Florida Kayaking is to get you off of the internet and into the water as fast as possible. So get out there!