Distribution is key to a rapper's success

Let's face it, if people don't hear your music, you will never have fans.

This is where distribution comes in. Two very useful sites for distributing your music are Bandcamp and ReverbNation.

Bandcamp is a site that allows a musician to upload songs. These songs can be streamed, downloaded or purchased by fans at the artist's discretion. Bandcamp's layout is very simple and by allowing users to create a unique URL, it gives musician's the opportunity to have their own kind of website without having to pay for hosting. Furthermore, Bandcamp allows musicians to sell their music without an initial startup fee. All you need is a Paypal account. Once fans purchase your music, money is deposited in your account. Bandcamp also allows artists to provide their fans with a "pay what you want" option. Fans can choose what price they pay for the music. This may not work well for every artist, but it does provide an interesting option for fans.

ReverbNation is another site that allows users to distribute music; however, it is not as simple as Bandcamp. Reverbnation allows musicians to create unique profiles, keep track of fans, promote via Facebook and Twitter and offers unique opportunities for increased popularity.

ReverbNation also allows users to pay for the option of online distribution on websites such as Amazon and iTunes. While this costs money upfront, it allows artists to appear more legitimate and established.

Below is a video from ReverbNation that shows one of the features of the website.

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