Everyone's a rapper, how can you stand out?

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE is a rapper, but nowadays it seems that more people are rapping than ever before.

The advent of cheaper technology and more universal access to the Internet have created a world full of rappers. Some are seriously pursuing careers in the hip hop industry; others are simply hobbyists who enjoy the art. If you're a serious aspiring artist, this site can help you learn how to better promote your music. We hope to provide useful information, as well as hands-on tutorials so that you may further your career. The best part? It's free. Making music is already expensive. Microphones cost money. Computers cost money. Beats cost money. Recording sessions cost money. Why would we want to hurt your pockets? As artists, we understand the beauty of a free helping hand.

This isn't to say that becoming a national recording artist will come easily or free-of-charge, but we hope that the simple tips on this site can give aspiring rappers the tools needed to promote their music via social networking sites and garner lots of followers and fans. Not only will online networking tips be discussed, though; we will also present information about in-person promotion and provide videos from hip hop fans about how they'd liked to be approached by an up-and-coming artist.

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