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haunting in norman hall

Norman Hall, now the College of Education, used to be the P.K. Young School. It is said to be haunted by children who died in an elevator accident many years ago. People have heard the children running and laughing on the third floor during all times but mostly at night. The elevator that they died in is still there.

normal hall spooks and legends stop

gator traditions

albert and alberta

best-known male-female mascot pair in college football.

the swamp

stadium is a pit of despair for visiting teams, which was originally built in a sink hole on campus.

mr. two bits

appears in his orange-and-blue tie and a yellow shirt to lead fans in a round of the two bits cheer.

we are the boys

at the end of the third quarter, fans wrap arms around each other, sway, and sing.

cator chomp

snapping arms together in jaws-like fashion in order to show school pride.

spooks and legends

normal hall spooks and legends stop

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