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Brian Imbus has become one of the most popular Hypnotists in the country and has performed all over the world for the past 15 years. During the show, Brian selects volunteers from the audience to come on stage and become hypnotized. Brian specializes in Corporate Events, College Shows, and High School presentations. He is also a Certified Hypnotist and has been trained by the most well known entertainers in the country. He is among the top requested performers in the business.


caricature image Ever walked around a fair or theme park and watched random people being drawn as caricatures? Or seen celebrity caricatures as posters? We get so caught up in our own looks that when they are exaggerated in a caricature, we’re able to laugh at our flaws and accept what we really look like without really caring. A good laugh is always good for the heart.
bond for the heart

Bond: four letters, one syllable. It is a binding agreement; a covenant. It is an attractive force that holds together the atoms in a molecule. It is an adhesive that combines, unites, or strengthens. Family Bonding: two words, one stronger meaning; it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Through the chaos of exams, bad days, breakups, and pulling all nighters, bonding with the people closest to you does the heart some healing. During Family Weekend, get to know your family on a deeper level, get hypnotized together, experience gator nights for the first time, laugh at the caricature of your family, or release all your stress through yoga.

family game

How well do you really know your family members? Try answering these questions. If you have no clue about two or more of the answers, maybe you don't know your family at all. Talk during breakfast, lunch, or dinner about dreams, inspirations, and hobbies. Maybe you'll find out that you're not the only crazy one in your family.

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yoga on the lawn

Finding time to relax is sometimes impossible with the hustling and busting of life. Why not make time for yourself to try this Indian system of exercises to reach a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility? There are many reasons for trying yoga, but here are the top ten. Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on the body. Yoga can ease pain, teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths, and help improve flexibility and mobility. It increases strength from head to toe, aids in weight control efforts, improves circulation, provide cardiovascular benefits, helps us focus on the present, and help many reach a deeper, more spiritual place in our lives.

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gator nights

GatorNights! is the leading late night program that takes place every Friday night during the Fall, Spring, and Summer B semesters. The program offers free first run movies, bands, comedians, improv shows, arts and crafts, novelties, interactive games, cultural events, interactive lectures, dances, DJ's, artists, video game tournaments, popcorn and soda, and free midnight breakfast.

brief history

Gator Nights began on August 25, 2000 after the Student Activities staff attended WVUp All Night, the late night program at West Virginia University. Almost 1800 students attended the first Gator Night and it has been a Gator tradition ever since. The average weekly attendance at Gator Nights is about 1300 to 1800 depending upon the week and the movie playing. As a result of the popularity, several other universities have visited Gator Nights in an effort to implement a similar program on their campuses. These universities include University of Arkansas, Bowling Green State University, University of Central Florida, Clemson University, University of Colorado, University of Hawaii, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, University of South Carolina, Texas A and M University, Texas Tech University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Florida Atlantic University.

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