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bringing home the orange and blue

Ever been caught up in your homework until two in the morning only to realize how much you’re missing your family, but not being able to call them so late? Ever been stuck at a meeting during work only to miss a call from your son or daughter whom you haven’t heard from in a couple of weeks? College is a time for independence and growth, but sometimes we forget the true value of family. With this in mind, The University of Florida’s New Student and Family Programs holds a special event to emphasize the importance of family: Family Weekend.

what exactly is family weekend?

This is 3-day event held in the fall for parents, students, and staff members to reconnect with the Gator Nation and know what it means to be a gator. Family Weekend includes live entertainment, receptions, family competitions, open houses, interactive workshops, a Family Fair and BBQ, Gator Tradition Tour, kickball tournament, Spooks and Legends Tour and several other events. So plan for the now, bond for the heart, and eat food for the soul. Get rest for the mind, play for the body, and apply lessons you’ll learn to your own life.

family drawing

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