Shots! Shots! Shots!

Jello Shots are a great drink for a Rocky Horror inspired party because of a few reasons. To start with, they taste amazing. But beside that, they can have a pretty cool neon color, depending on what jello flavor you use, which ads to the whole theme. The flavors I recomend are Orange, Lime, Cherry, and Raspberry.

For a party of about 20 people I would recommend making 100 shots. That's five shots per person; however, if you know your guests are heavy or light drinkers, you might want to adjust the amount you make. To make the 100 shots, I used 3 boxes of jello and 4 cups of flavored vodka.

Watch the tutorial below to see how its done.

Jello Shot Tutorial

Learn how to make jello shots. Video originaly posted by youtube channel ExpertVillage.