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  • Janet Weiss: A Heroin
  • Hair: Long, Mousey Brown
  • Build: Slender and Petite
  • Trademark Costume:
    Granny Panties and White Bra

Janet Weiss is the “heroin” turned bad girl of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Recently engaged to Brad, Janet is a sweet girl from the 1950s.

In the middle of the night, the couple gets a flat tire and, in search of a phone to use, find themselves at the Frank-N-Furter castle. After seeking shelter in the castle, Janet’s innocence and purity suddenly vanish and are replaced by a desire for sex. Eventually Janet is seduced by Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Afterward discovering that Brad also hooked up with the Dr., Janet runs to the arms of Rocky for comfort.

It’s pretty easy to dress up as Janet. Wear a pair of granny panties, or white shorts, and a plain, white bra. If you have long hair, style your hair as you normally would. If you’re hair is short, invest in a long brown wig to really match Janet’s character.