image one of The Rocky Horror Picture Show image two of The Rocky Horror Picture Show image three of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Lets Get the Party Started

All right, I'm going to keep this pretty short. We all know what turns a good party into an amazing party: DRINKS!!! To fit the Rocky Horror theme we're going to make jello shots and bloody marys.

Jello Shots are a great drink for a Rocky Horror inspired party because of a few reasons. To start with, they taste amazing. But beside that, they can have a pretty cool neon color, depending on what jello flavor you use, which ads to the whole theme. The flavors I recomend are Orange, Lime, Cherry, and Raspberry.

Bloody Marys can be a perfect drink for this party because they fit the whole gothic horror movie feel of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, I know I'm not a big fan of this drink and neither are a lot of people, so make sure your guests will drink it before you start whipping them up.