The last step to surviving a break up is move on with your life and enjoy your newfound singledom!

Every dating situation is not a failure if you learn something from it. Learn from the mistakes that you made in the relationship (no women aren't perfect) and take responsibility for it. Ask yourself these questions:

In order to truly let go of the person that hurt you, you have to forgive them. Sounds crazy right? But it's true. Forgive him for all of the dirty stuff that he did to you, so that when you run into him out of the blue, you can smile and just say "Hi" and keep it moving. So that when someone brings his name is conversation, you don't get hot under the collar or tears don't swell up in your eyes. If you don't forgive him, it will leave you feeling angry and bitter. You don't want to be the girl with "baggage" and you don't want to carry that into your next relationship.

Next relationship? Yes, it will happen. You will find a marvelous guy, who will find you just as amazing.

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