An essential part of getting over a break up is to remove the things that remind you of him.

Throw his toothbrush away (he's not coming back for it), and take all of his clothes out of your closet and put them in a box somewhere out of your eyesight and trash it whenever you feel ready. Take down all of the pictures you took together (you can rip them to pieces if it makes you feel better, but I wouldn't suggest lighting them on fire). It's time to let go of old memories and make new ones.

A big step to getting over your ex, is to cut off ALL ties of communication. Delete his phone number, even if you have it memorized, delete him as a friend on facebook and maybe even block him. It gets very tempting to just "accidently" text him or to "accidently" scan his page. (You make see something that you don't want to see). Avoid his phone calls or tell him not to call you anymore.

Let go of his family. That's his family, not yours. When you break up with him, you break up with them too. The family that once knew you as their honorary daughter-in law, will soon refer to you as "what's her name."

Also, avoid driving by his apartment, place of work or local hang out spots. (Again, you may see something that you don't want to see).

Distance yourself. Stop going to the nightclubs/bars that you know he frequents, secretly hoping to run into him. It will all turn out to be super awkward.

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