How it works

It all starts with the call. I suggest calling at least a month before your scheduled date to ensure our schedules don't conflict and that the space you'd like to be photographed at is a good spot.

Next is the casual meeting where we meet and discuss the details. Basically this is where I want to get to know you, and where I want you go get to know me. It's preferable that you both be there so I can get to know you as a couple.

The next meeting will be at the designated area. We'll walk around together and pick the best locations that will make the best photos. We do this as a team.

I then meet you on the scheduled day for the first photo session which is two hours long.

You can choose to pay for two photo sessions which will include two different settings of your choice. They will take place on different scheduled days with different wardrobes.

How to prepare

In my opnion, it's important to develop a friendship with your photographer so that you are as comfortable as possible with them while being photographed. I've found that the best photographs turn out when I am photographing friends or family who are comfortable around me and can be themeselves in the photos. That's why I feel it is important to meet a couple of times prior to the scheduled event or session so that you can learn to trust me, and I can charm you with my personality. I want the photographs to depict who you are, not who you're posing to be because a camera is in front of you.

I recommend also doing some research on what you want your photos to reflect. As a couple, are you silly and playful with each other, or elegant and madly in love? This will help you pick your setting, and it will help you to be able to communicate better to me what you want. I would favorite a few of these websites, or bring some magazine clips to our first or second meeting.

The week of your shoot, you'll want to get plenty of sleep, stay away from caffiene and alcohol, and try to eat healthy. I've spent some time in front of the camera when dabbling in modeling and this was always the advice of my photographers. Caffiene and lack of sleep will create those dark baggies under your eyes, and eating healthy will not only help you feel better and give you more confidence, but it will give you a healthy glow.